Microblading Training: Knowing the Importance of a Touch Up

Touch Up

Now that you’ve performed the first two phases of microblading, the designing and the actual process, you should never forget the importance of the final phase of your job – the microblading touch up process. Being a microblading artist, you must have learned it in your microblading training, and that’s why you should always ask your client to come back 4-6 weeks after the initial blade for a touch up.

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Microblading Trainees Need to be Cautious of Unqualified Trainers

Microblading Trainees

In our last blog, we talked about the reasons why you should learn microblading from only a licensed and certified microblading trainer, and to give you a better idea we enlisted the benefits that you get from it. However, the story wouldn’t be unfolded completely, if we didn’t put out the reasons why you should never be taking microblading training from an unqualified, uncertified, and inartistic trainer.

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Microblading Training: Why You Need a Licensed/Certified Trainer

Microblading Training

Microblading is a young industry in the US as compared to many countries of Europe and Asia which makes it a field full of opportunities. The industry is flourishing with many microblading academies opened across the states and counties, providing certification of training in this field. This has made the job of a microblading trainer more famous than ever. However, not every microblading trainer that you find is actually trained and an expert in the treatment and technique.

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