Microblading Preparation – The Expert’s Suggestions

microblading preparation by Maegen Kennedy

Maegen Kennedy, the microblading artist and trainer at Fleekbrows, loves teaching and empowering up-and-coming microblading artists to become successful in their career. She shares tips and business strategies that help them perform microblading procedures successfully. She understands that having your clients sufficiently prepared for their microblading appointment is essential to get the best results and achieve proper healing.

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Microblading Training: Maegen Kennedy Loves Her Job

Maegen Kennedy is a Board-Certified PA, Master Tattoo Microblading artist and trainer at Fleek Brows. She loves teaching microblading courses and training upcoming microblading professionals. Her passion is to help and empower up-and-coming microblading artists to perform successful aesthetic procedures. Trainees are given the tools to enrich lives by enhancing people’s external features while preserving their natural beauty.

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Microblading Training: Knowing the Importance of a Touch Up

Touch Up

Now that you’ve performed the first two phases of microblading, the designing and the actual process, you should never forget the importance of the final phase of your job – the microblading touch up process. Being a microblading artist, you must have learned it in your microblading training, and that’s why you should always ask your client to come back 4-6 weeks after the initial blade for a touch up.

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